Well, first of all - itís just for fun. There is no deeper meaning. I had the idea as I played notpron, a giant online riddle. Notpron is very similar to this game but Iíve tried to overcome most of the anoying things in notpron. First of all, this game has something like a ďstoryĒ. Itís not just a lot of riddles one by one without any sense. Of course the story isnít that outstanding, but it makes more fun if there is something that keeps all the riddles together. Soulmanager is more a kind of adventure with a lot of riddles in it.

Many people might say, this game is just another clone of notpron, but I guess if you take a deeper look into it you will see, that there are only little similarities. In both cases you have to find either a password or the name of the next page, but the riddles itself are in many cases completely different.

Just try some of the first levels and I guess you will see what I mean.


Anyway - this game is just to have fun. I had fun by designing it, you migth have fun by playing it...